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We are driven to empower everyone to benefit from "mobility technologies of the future" easily, safely, and effectively.


Featured project

The Port of Barcelona

Autonomous shuttles to change the management of Port Infrastructures: Pendel Mobility and The Port of Barcelona launch the first of-its-kind autonomous shuttle in a dense mixed-traffic environment. 

Located at the Port of Barcelona, this pilot stands out as a kick-off for Pendel Mobility as well as for the Port in the path to deploy autonomous shuttle fleets in the near future.

What can self-driving help with?

Transport of people

Autonomous shuttle, bus, robo-taxi… they are not just cars without a driver.
They are what passengers nowadays want - safe, immediate, accessible, sustainable, and comfortable transport solutions.

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Logistics and delivery

Door to door, first- / last-mile delivery, seamless material / luggage handling, we aim high for them to be faster, greener, and cheaper by leveraging on self-driving technologies.

Operations and maintenance

Robots of all kinds, for cleaning, waste dumping, snow removal and so on, are efficient, accurate. They can be deployed 24/7 without fatigue nor errors, and for jobs humans do not enjoy.

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