Pendel Mobility deploys its first Pilot in the Port of Barcelona

Autonomous shuttles to change the management of Port Infrastructures: Pendel Mobility and The Port of Barcelona launch the first of-its-kind autonomous shuttle in a dense mixed-traffic environment.

Trucks, bikes, pedestrians, roundabouts, intersections… Is technology ready to bring us safe to our destination without needing to drive? Yes, and Pendel Mobility is ready to turn this revolution into reality! With our first/last mile solution guiding and providing the infrastructure and technology required, cities can begin this journey to enhance their connectivity. Barcelona’s Pilot at the Port is the kick-off of the new revolution in transportation boosted by Pendel Mobility.

The Port of Barcelona along with Pendel Mobility are leading the reinvention of harbour management with autonomous shuttles connecting facilities committed to a safer, more sustainable and efficient mobility that will radically improve current transportation schemes while help meeting the recently updated Strategic Plan requests of the Port of Barcelona.

The Pilot will be the first test of Pendel’s deployment and partnership model for automated passenger transport, placing this Barcelona-based startup as a world benchmark in the market providing first/last mile solutions in the implementations of autonomous fleets. The autonomous shuttle will connect facilities of the Port of Barcelona with the World Trade Centre. Along with the other pilots across Europe as part of the EU-funded ride-to-autonomy program, this is not only a great opportunity for the city and the Port to internationally rocket up their reputation as a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship but will also put this revolutionary technology to the limit.

The 1.9km roundtrip through a dense, busy area with mixed traffic conditions smartly includes traffic lights, stops, roundabouts and intersections. Unlike other pilots, this unique location allows the interaction with other kinds of transport, from heavy trucks accessing the port to pedestrians and cyclists, offering a realistic environment to test the impact of autonomous vehicles in our daily life. In addition, the pilot is regarded as the starting point for the Port of Barcelona to incorporate autonomous vehicles to contribute to the port’s recently updated strategic plan for the future and improve passenger flow between cruise ship terminals and access to the city’s public transport, providing safer & sustainable on-site transport for workers. Hence, this pilot out-stands as a milestone for autonomous ridership, Pendel Mobility, and the Port of Barcelona altogether.

Check this website to get all the information you need about the Pilot.