Setting the path for automated mobility – Pendel Mobility Contributes to European CCAM Outlook 2023

Pendel Mobility has contributed to the European CCAM Outlook 2023, outlining the milestones to be reached before cooperative, connected, and automated mobility can enhance public transport in Europe.

Pendel deployed a CCAV on live roads in the Port of Barcelona in 2022

Pendel Mobility has contributed to the European CCAM Outlook 2023, a landscape study of the current market and policy conditions for automated mobility.

The Outlook addresses the primary drivers and barriers to Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM) adoption within European public transport systems.

Having deployed autonomous vehicles across Europe, we have seen first hand the potential for automated transport to build more effective and affordable transport for Europe. 

But there are still many milestones to reach before CCAM can improve public transport across Europe. 

The knowledge and insights provided by Pendel Mobility along with 13 leading automated transport practitioners highlight the milestones required to unlock specific CCAM use cases in terms of feasibility, profitability, and service quality.

Setting the path for autonomous mobility

The European CCAM Outlook 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of the state of automated mobility options in Europe. The Outlook:

Key Takeaways

The report presents several essential takeaways that are integral to understanding the current status of CCAM in Europe:

  1. CCAM use cases in Europe remain narrow: With the technological maturity of CCAM still limited, use cases remain narrow and sensitive to a wide range of parameters, including route length, fleet size and traffic conditions. Pendel contributed experience from pilots to outline the important parameters for CCAM deployment.

  2. Strict EU regulation on CCAM deployment stifles innovation. This contrasts starkly with the favorable conditions in countries like the United States. The current policy environment prevents market entry by more mature CCAM solution providers, such as Cruise and Waymo.

  3. Building a Framework for Use Cases: The Outlook provides a framework for assessing the use cases for CCAM in public transport. This framework is based on the milestones needed to “unlock” their business case in terms of profitability, feasibility, and service quality.

As the first report of its kind, Pendel Mobility was pleased to contributed insights in our ongoing mission to drive forward innovation for CCAMs.