The Pilot at the Port

Autonomous shuttles to change the management of Port Infrastructures: Pendel Mobility and The Port of Barcelona launch the first of-its-kind autonomous shuttle in a dense mixed-traffic environment.

Located at the Port of Barcelona, this pilot stands out as a kick-off for Pendel Mobility as well as for the Port in the path to deploy autonomous shuttle fleets in the near future.

Proposed route for the shuttle

This project is part of a collection of pilots funded by the European program ride-to-autonomy taking place all over the EU.

The Pilot consists on a 2/3 week operation of an autonomous shuttle connecting the World Trade Center of Barcelona with a Parking facility of the Port. This Pilot stands out as a demonstration of Pendel’s deployment and partnership model for automated passenger transport. Trialling an automated shuttle at the Port of Barcelona is a test of a new, safer and sustainable form of transport for passengers (workers, personnel, externals). Unlike other Pilots, Barcelona’s will run in mixed traffic conditions in a Port infrastructure facility, boosting the usage of autonomous driving both within the city and in logistic centres.

The 1.9km roundtrip runs through a dense, busy area with mixed traffic conditions and smartly includes 4 traffic lights, 2 stops, a roundabout and intersections without the priority. 

The autonomous shuttle is provided by one of Pendel’s technology provider, EasyMile. The model is named EZ10, which runs safely and effectively in varying traffic conditions or changing weather conditions, among others. The EZ10 is the most deployed autonomous shuttle in the world. (300+ location in 30+ countries). It is 100% electric and has 12-passenger capacity. The multiple sensors and software the shuttle has incorporated allows running in autonomy Level 4 out of 5, which stands for fully autonomous in a known area. 

This Pilot is carried out as part of the EU-funded project Ride-to-autonomy, aimed to assess the integration of autonomous shuttles in the transport system over 10 cities across the EU. Safety, sustainability and modal integration within the transport network will be analysed to both assess and boost autonomous ridership. Pendel is R2A project partner and main contact point for the project coordinator, while the Port of Barcelona only provides the pilot site and is not formally involved in the project (neither as partner, associated organisation, etc.).


Check the project website for further information.